Frog Pond: A Frog Life Cycle Game

  • Frog Pond: A Frog Life Cycle Game
  • Frog Pond: A Frog Life Cycle Game
  • Frog Pond: A Frog Life Cycle Game
  • Frog Pond: A Frog Life Cycle Game

A Candyland®-styled game for reviewing the frog life cycle. Perfect for a life cycle unit or learning about amphibians. There are two options for this game. A file folder game and a life-size game.

 For the file folder game: Print pages 3-5. You may want to print two copies of page 5 or simply have the students reshuffle the cards when they reach the bottom of the draw pile. Assemble the frog markers on page 3.

For the life-size game: Print pages 6-15 multiple times to create the size of “board” that you want depending on the size of your playing area. Put the pictures in page protectors and attach them to the floor with tape. Print page 5 to use as the playing cards. The students will be the “markers”. For 2-6 Players unless playing the life-size version. Then, you can decide the number of students to play at one time. Weave the "game board" throughout your learning area!

Materials needed for the Frog Life Cycle Game:


Laminating Pouches


File Folder  


  • Place your frog on the “Start” eggs.
  • Place cards upside down on the “Card Draw Pile”.
  • Choose a player to go first.
  • The player will draw the top card from the pile and move the first space with the matching picture.
  • Play continues to the next player.
  • If a fly, pond, reeds or iily pad card is drawn the player will head to the space with that picture, even if it is behind him.
  • To win by landing on the last frog, a player MUST draw a frog card from the pile.

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