Multiplication Facts Fluency Game

  • Multiplication Facts Fluency Game
  • Multiplication Facts Fluency Game
  • Multiplication Facts Fluency Game

Students will build fluency with multiplication facts in this fun partner or small group game. Students will practice multiplication facts 0-10 while also reinforcing the concept of greater than and less than. Multiplication Facts Spinners and print Write & Wipe Boards are included, as well as an assessment/recording sheet.

Instructions for teacher:

Print and laminate the following pieces:

Game board (page 4)

Two copies of the spinners (page 5)

Write & wipe boards (1 for each player, pages 6-7)

Recording sheet (1 for each player, page 8)

Instructions for playing Multiplication Facts Spin & Win!:

  •  Give each player a write and wipe board.
  • Select the first player. Place a marker on the “Start” space.
  • Both players will spin the spinners on their board one at a time. Then, he will write the numbers that have been spun in the spaces on the top level of his Write & wipe board. Next, he will write the product of the multiplication fact in the bottom level of his Write & Wipe Board.
  • The player that has the highest value moves ahead three spaces.
  • The player with the lowest value moves back one space unless he is on the starting space.
  • In case of a tie, both players move ahead one space.

The game continues until one player makes it to the end space. Example: Player 1 spins: 5 and 8 Player 2 spins: 3 and 4

Player 1 will move ahead 2 spaces.

Player 2 will move back one space.  

Even Upper Elementary students will benefit from the review of multiplication facts that this game provides. Memorization of multiplication facts is vital and this game will give endless opportunities to build fluency.